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Locksmith Benalmádena 24 hours

24/7 Professional Locksmith Benalmádena Services

Locksmith Benalmádena 24 hours, our residential locksmith services are designed to make you feel more secure inside your bussines or home.

For example, we can upgrade your home’s standard locks to high security locks, or even add deadbolts to your doors.

Locksmith Benalmádena Emergency

Have broken or worn down door frames? We can fix those too.

If you’re worried about the previous owners still having access to your home, we can rekey or replace all the locks on your property, as well.

There’s even more that Locksmith Benalmádena 24 hours can do for your home, like making duplicate keys, installing an access control system, or putting locks on some of the interior doors.

Locksmith Benalmádena Locks Changing

If your home is gated or you share a mailbox area with a neighbor, we can repair, replace, or install locks on those areas as well.

And, if you’ve got valuables or important home documents that you need to maintain extra-safe, we can even install a safe in your home.

In short, if it has anything to do with locks, Locksmith Benalmádena 24 hours can take care of it.

locksmith instaling door lock

24-hour emergency House Lockout Service Benalmádena

No matter where you are or what the situation is, we’ll be there for you in no time when you reach out to us certified technicians.

We provide 24-hour emergency house lockout service Benalmádena so don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime you require our help.

We will come completely prepared and equipped with the right tools to provide the perfect solution.

Immediate response

We are committed to responding quickly, and this is what our clients like about us.

If you got locked out of your house at an inconvenient time, don’t panic.

All you have to do is to contact us and we will drive to your location in the shortest time possible to help you safely and quickly get out of your house.

Mechanical and Digital Door Locks By Benalmádena Locksmith

Locksmith Benalmádena work Door Security

Managing large numbers of keys can be a major problem.

Keys are easily lost or duplicated, and on leaving employment employees often fail to return them.

Securing premises and protecting staff and assets remains an issue for any company.

Locksmith Benalmádena supply, install and maintain keyless mechanical and digital Door Security Entry Systems.

These systems provide high levels of flexibility over security in heavy traffic locations such as shops, hotels and offices.

Door Security Entry Systems can be designed to authorise access to different parts of a building, or at different times of day, dependent on an individuals or groups needs or authority.

Door Security Entry Systems are easy to install, easy to expand and durable. Reconfiguration or the removal of access rights is straightforward once visitors are off the premises or employees have left employment.

Our Locksmiths can give guidance on Door Security Entry or Access Control Systems, in both single and multi-door access environments.

“Our skilled and professional business/commercial locksmiths demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and discretion.”


Remotes are electronic locks controlling the access to a vehicle without the need of traditional mechanical key.

This remote central locking system is activated from a close proximity by pressing a button on the auto key remote.

On some car models, the remote is part of a keyless ignition system, which starts the car engine.

The remote keyless system, using a handled device was first introduced to Renault cars, and subsequently, adopted by some American car manufacturers in the eighties.

Auto key remotes have a radio transmitter that connects with the car and transmits a unique code.

Losing a remote or having a remote malfunction means you will need to repair or replace the remote, and program the new remote to work with your car.

We have the experience and technology needed to reprogram your remote replacement to work with your car.

locksmith benalmadena car key


We all know what a car key is and what it looks like. We use it to open and start our beloved vehicles.

Modern car keys though are different from most home keys. Rather than a cut edge, car keys are designed with symmetrical groves on both sides.

This is so that the key fits whichever way you insert it.

Special machines are used to cut car keys.

Cars had door keys early on, but a key that is used to unlock the car and start its engine appeared in the late 40-ties.

Prior to this cars had start buttons –something we often see as a “novelty” in some vehicles today.

The trendy flip keys were first introduced on the market in the fifties.

locksmith benalmadena key blade

Nowadays many cars have transponder keys, also called chip keys.

They communicate to the car’s computer via a radio signal when inserted in the ignition.

These keys provide an extra layer of security for the vehicle.

It is important to have a spare key for your car in case you lose your one and only key. Always have a spare key.

At LOCKSMITH BENALMADENA we can cut keys and also upgrade them to flip keys.

locksmith benalmadena safes

Safe Opening and Repairs BY Locksmith Benalmádena

When opening safes our engineers would look to use picking or manipulation methods if possible to minimise damage and allow the continual use of the safe.

If it is necessary to drill the safe, our engineers would adhere to the industry’s Code of Practice as you would expect, for the reconditioning and repair of used safes.

In  experience of Locksmith Benalmádena the most common problems experienced with safecracking resulting in our call out, include:

  • Integral fault within the safes door or lock.
  • Lost or misplaced keys.
  • A snapped key or part of the key has broken off in the safes lock.
  • The detachable part of the safe key is missing or has come off in the safe.
  • The key will not go into the safe.
  • The key goes into the safe but does not turn or only turns so far.
  • The safe key is difficult to turn.
  • Lost safe codes or combinations.
  • The safes electronic lock has locked the user out.
  • The safe batteries are flat.
  • Something inside the safe is jamming the operation.
  • The door closes but the bolts will not throw.
  • The door will not close or is binding.
  • An underfloor safe and lock has seized.

Residential Safes in Benalmádena, Málaga

Safes add security to your home and give you peace of mind.

They prevent your valuables from falling into the wrong hands.

Our safes are designed to prevent unauthorized access whether you are at home or away.

Whatever the disaster, you can feel prepared with a highly secure safe. 

Safes for Any Need

Locksmith Benalmádena Safe has experience providing safes to national jewelers, pharmacists and businesses.

Through this experience, we have become experts on securing a wide variety of items.

Add a safe to your home to secure your medicines, your valuables, your money or anything else you want to be protected.

Give us a call to see what options are best for you.

Keeping Your Safe Protected

Locksmith Benalmádena Safe makes buying a safe easy. However, you still have to decide where to place it.

Our experts understand the importance of proper placement and can help you decide where to store your safe.

For example, we understand that while the basement is safest from fires, it may be more prone to flooding.

Contact our staff today for insight into safe placement.

Our Safes

Our safes provide the highest amount of security possible.
Whether you are storing important documents, valuables or weapons, we provide the best options available.
We also offer a one-year warranty on all parts and labor for any of our new or preowned safes.
For more information or to see our current selection, visit our store today.

Locksmith Benalmádena Safes and Burglary Safe

Our Locksmith Benalmádena safes come with spy-proof Underwriters Laboratories combination locks to keep your personal items safe.
The Locksmith Benalmádena Safes and Burglary Safe offers fire protection for one and a half hours and a deadbolt on the hinge side.
The adjustable shelves help you make the most of the increased storage capacity.
This safe is an affordable way to store important documents and retain their security.

Locksmith Benalmádena installs anti-bumping cylinders.

Do you want your home in Benalmádena to be well protected from unauthorized access?

Then for this it is essential to change the old bulbs for modern anti-bumping ones.

Of course you may wonder what is bumping.

Bumping is a very old system of unlocking the lock by manipulating a key that enters the lock.

The process of bumping a lock is extremely fast and silent. For this reason from Locksmith Benalmádena we recommend to change your obsolete locks for more modern ones.

Call us and we will guide you free of charge and without obligation.


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