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Locksmith Puerto Banús 24 hours


Emergency Locksmith in Puerto Banús Service 24 hours a day,

7 days a week. When you need us- Where you need us.

Puerto Banús Locksmith Service Provider, we are COMMITTED TO ensuring the highest level of Integrity, Professionalism, Honesty, Transparency, Availability and Industry Breaking Prices.

We are so fortunate to have the ability to offer all our locksmith services in the wonderful Puerto Banús area.

Our Emergency services include, but not limited to

Emergency Rushed- lockouts

Emergency Rushed- home, business and auto key replacement

Emergency Rushed- lock repair, rekey or replace

Emergency Rushed- ignition lock repair

And much, much more!

Moving in a new home in Puerto Banús? Congratulations!

Most likely, a Locksmith will be the one of the first tradesman you will be calling. We highly suggest you shop around, do your research, know what type of locks you have and what you want to accomplish me from hiring your Locksmith. Remember, we work for you! Not the other way around. Our Certified Locksmith Professionals are fully equipped to tackle all of your needs. On all levels; security, design, comfort, style, reliability and cost. We carry a wide range of Grade 3 Locks from the finest brands.

We can schedule you for an appointment or provide same-day service at no additional cost.

Residential Locksmith Services (and many more…)

Lockouts- Apartment, Home, Bedroom Door Lockout

Rekey- Changing a lock’s combination to fit a new/different key. Also, to match locks to be keyed alike.

Repair- Door locks such as deadbolts, doorknobs, levers, handlesets.

Repin- Locks that do not have an operating key. Can be keyed to your existing key or a new key.

New lock- Replace lock hardware.

Fresh Installation- Installing a new lock on door (door without existing holes)Door Viewer / Peephole- Install, repair, replace.

Master key system- Mainly for rental properties.

24/7 Professional Locksmith Services in Puerto Banús

Locking yourself out of your home does not have to be frustrating.

Being locked out of your own home can be a major inconvenience. It can be even more inconvenient if you cannot access your spare key.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Puerto Banús (and many more…)

Lockouts- offices, stores, places of worship, community houses and more

Rekey- Changing a lock’s combination to fit a new/different key.

Also, to match locks to be keyed alike.Repair-

Door locks, exit devices, panic hardware, fire-related applications.Repin-

Locks that do not have an operating key.

Can be keyed to your existing key or a new key.

New lock, exit device, hardware installation and service.

Fresh Installation- Installing a new lock on door (door without any lock).

Commercial Door Viewer / Peephole- Install, repair, replace.

Master key system- setup, service, repair or replace.

Safe – service, Repair, InstallDoor lock alignment and strike plate adjustments.

Locksmith Puerto Banús Emergency

You might be tempted to break a window to get inside your home. You do not have to damage your windows to get inside your home. Fortunately, you can contact a locksmith to unlock your door in a tough situation. Our experienced technicians are able to provide you with a wide variety of services.

Locksmith Puerto Banús Locks Change

We know you can be locked out of your home during the day or the night. Our services are available to San Francisco residents every day of the week from 9am until 12am. We also know the importance of responding promptly to service calls.

We have the tools that are needed to open any standard door, and our technicians can repair and replace locks. If the lock is jammed when you are attempting to open the door, we can repair the lock in a matter of minutes.

You should definitely change the locks when you move into a new home. We can change the locks in your new home, and we can advise you on the best security systems. Our technicians can also duplicate keys. All renters and homeowners should have at least one spare key, and the key should be kept in an inconspicuous place.

Automotive Locksmith Services in Puerto Banús (and many more…)

Lockouts – Car, Truck and moreCar key replacementKey & Remote programming

ignition Lock

– service, repair, replaceBroken Key Extraction-

Door, Trunk, IgnitionECU Reflash – Toyota, Lexus, Honda, AcuraVAT Keys –

Older pontiacs, Chevy, Oldsmobile, Cadillacs and more


Safes and Vaults in Puerto Banus

Safes Puerto Banus offers sales, service, and installation of safes for applications in household and commercial use. Puerto Banus Locksmith carries a vast selection of safes including fire rated safes, depository safes, wall and floor safes, burglary safes, and gun safes.

Safes come in different sizes and ratings so you can choose the level of security that is right for your specific business or personal needs.
All safes are available with an electronic keypad or a combination dial.

Depository safes are ideal for business purposes. Depository safes allows employees to drop cash or other valuable items into the safe without opening the safe. Depository safes can hold money and important documents among other things such as jewelry and flash drives. Depository safes can come in single door or double doors.

Gun Safes in Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus Locksmith gun safes come in a variety of different sizes. Puerto Banus Locksmith smallest gun safes hold a single pistol while larger gun safes can accommodate multiple rifles and shotguns.

If you are in law enforcement or government agency such as the DEA, FBI, Homeland Security, etc, ask us about our special government discounts.
Puerto Banus Locksmith has a strong stance on gun safes. If you have a gun, lock it up. Gun safes provide secure protection and storage for your firearms and ammunition. Preventing access to guns and ammunition is required by law in many states, and gun safes provide a secure environment for your hunting, collectible guns and target weapons.

Fireplace Safes

Locksmith offer all types of wall and floor safes in a variety of different sizes depending on your needs. In order to install a home safe, we need to frame and create an opening in the wall of floor where the safe is going to be.

Our staff is trained to be as precise as possible to avoid damage to the surrounding area. While we’re at it, ask us about our home improvement services as well. We are more than happy to help you repair anything around your home or office.