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We can repair and replace any key and any lock and we come to you!

Emergency Locksmith Services in Torremolinos

We operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week so if you have an emergency in Torremolinos please do not hesitate to contact our emergency number and our skilled locksmith will provide you with a verbal quotation over the telephone to assist you with you emergency.

Locked out of your home or business in Torremolinos or surrounding area?

Call (34) 677 421 425 now!

Locking yourself out of your home or business is incredibly frustrating. With such busy schedules, it is very easy to rush out the door without your key and lock it behind you. If you don’t have convenient access to a spare key, call the professionals at Torremolinos

We will dispatch an expert locksmith to your home or business and arrive in as little as 30 minutes. If you are located in Torremolinos or a surrounding area, make us your first choice for any home and business lockout service.

Torremolinos Locksmith we will always quote our price for a home and business lockout service over the phone.

Unfortunately, some companies are not transparent in their pricing. A reputable locksmith should always be able to provide you with a quote for a home and business lockout service.

What should you know when you are locked out of your home or business in Torremolinos?

  • Do your research. Know the reputation of the locksmith company you are thinking about hiring. In Torremolinos is not regulated.
  • This means that an unlicensed individual can appear at your location posing as a locksmith professional.
  • Damage to your locks may result.
  • This individual may even have other intentions such as theft or causing personal harm.
  • When you hire Locksmith Torremolinos we will provide you with the name of the locksmith that has been dispatched.
  • The locksmith, upon arrival, will provide his or her identification to you. In addition, the locksmith will request identification from you. This ensures that you are the rightful home or business owner before locksmith services begin.
  • Confirm the rates over the phone.
  • Please be aware that some locksmiths will advertise residential locksmith services for «as low as $85 and up». Such open-ended pricing is the problem as you will likely never pay the base price.
  • Always ask about any additional fees.
  • Rest assured, Locksmith Torremolinos will always quote you the exact price and there will never be surprise fees.
  • What to expect from a locksmith service.
  • When responding to a home lockout or business lockout service call, our first action will be an attempt to «pick the lock». Beware of any locksmith if they immediately begin by using a drill. This is a red flag indicating inexperience or incompetence.

Efficient Torremolinos company to Call On in Case of Emergency

We’ve been in the business for so many years, so we know that there’s no such thing as «unlikely hours» when one needs a locksmith in Torremolinos to come to their location, In fact, we have received calls even before the break of dawn or right at midnight, and this happens all the time,

We value our clients, and we understand your needs, which is why we provide 24/7 locksmith service in case you find yourself in an emergency, You can rely on us that we’ll be heading to your location in no time.

With the ability to provide an assortment of industry-leading commercial security solutions, Locksmith Torremolinos can assist your business with the installation of access control security, CCTV systems, electronic door hardware, intercom systems, and more.

Whether you’re looking to improve the security of your manufacturing facility or you’re interested in implementing better screening systems, our experienced team can work with you to identify, source, and install a wide range of high-quality commercial security products.

Emergency   Locksmith Torremolinos



At one point or another, we’ve all locked keys in our car, closed the front door without double checking, broken a key off in a door lock, or forgotten our safe’s combination.

As the leading Locksmith in Torremolinos will work quickly to get you back into your car, home, business, or safe.

With a team of highly trained technicians available around the clock, you can count on our emergency services to address your issues in a timely, professional manner.

Whether you need an automotive key creation, an emergency rekeying, a safe opened, or a door unlocked, our team is highly trained, available around the clock, and ready to assist you with all of your after-hours emergencies.

For our customers’ peace of mind, we are fully insured and bonded , as well as a registered locksmith company with the Locksmith Security Association, Police.

If you require the emergency assistance from the most trusted Locksmith Torremolinos, reach out to us now to learn how we can help.

When it comes to keeping your business safe and secure, it is vital to have strong, durable locks.

If you have inadequate locks, you are putting yourself, your property, and your business in danger. Standard locks are not as durable as you might think.

An intruder could easily kick through most doors and gain access to your home. Once inside, they can do as they please.

Locksmith Torremolinos

Locks changing in Torremolinos

However, you can protect yourself and keep your home safe with the proper equipment, such as secure locks, safes, and auto door openers. These vital tools will give you safety and peace of mind.

Secure Locks at Torremolinos

Normal locks are easily broken, which is why they cannot provide adequate protection. Instead, you should install a secure deadbolt lock.

Deadbolt locks add a layer of protection; they are secured to the door frame with a metal bolt. This prevents intruders from gaining access. The door knob cannot be easily removed, and the door will be much harder to kick in.

You can find a variety of locks at your local department store, or you can contact a commercial locksmith.

If you need us we work in Puerto Banús area

Safe locksmith services in Torremolinos and surrounding areas.

Safes in Torremolinos due to their popularity and use, it appears that safes are the chosen alternative for protecting valuables including jewelry, cash, historic artifacts, personal documents, and cherished personal memorabilia.

Also known as a strongbox or coffer, a safe can come in different sizes, but must follow a number of restrictions.

For example, it must be burglar, fire, and environmental resilient; it must feature a combination, key, time lock, or electronic lock; and it must be specifically designed for a particular location such as recessed into a wall, standalone, etc.

There are also variations of safes, also known as hidden safes that are made from an otherwise inconspicuous object like a book.

Our locksmiths can open your safe without the key or combination.

Locksmith Torremolinos Safes use a combination lock or lock mechanism that requires a key to open.

As long as you know the lock combination opening the safe is not a difficult task. In fact, it is very easy. That’s why they are so popular. However, if you forget the combination or if the lock breaks, then you may not be able to open the safe.

Should this occur, owners of safes have been known to use a number of alternatives to force the safe open including prying the door and a bolt out of the doorframe or cutting it with a torch or saw. Both of these methods are not advised because they are time-consuming and will damage the safe.

If you should find yourself in this situation, the best thing you can do is contact Torremolinos Locksmith so we can dispatch one of our locksmiths to your location.

Our locksmiths are skilled in using a number of methods that can open the safe quickly without damaging it.

The methods our locksmith might use include manipulating the combination lock or drilling into it and either inserting an instrument that allows the locksmith to visually see how to open the lock or insert a borescope into the hole to guide them in opening the safe.

If the safe uses a key rather than a combination lock and you have lost the key, then inspect the safe for the name of the manufacturer and model number and write it down.

In addition, include the approximate size of the safe and any information printed on tags that are attached to the safe and provide this to our locksmith.

We will use the data to find a replacement key that will allow us to open the safe.

Safe Installation in Torremolinos

Having secure doors is not enough. No secure lock is completely impenetrable, which is why you need more layers of protection.

When you want to install a safe, you have several options, but using either a wall safe or floor safe is recommended. There have been cases in which thieves were unable to open a safe, so they stole it.

Having your safe hidden and bolted to the floor or wall will prevent this from happening to you.

What Happens When You Can’t Access Your Safe

People have personal safes in their homes for all different reasons. From jewelry and private documents to money, guns, and other mementos, safes allow a secure place for homeowners to know their possessions will be untouched.

There are many versions of safes on the market today, with both mechanical and electronic locks in a variety of sizes. Finding the right one for your family is essential, but keep in mind that all safes should at least follow these restrictions:

  • It must be burglar, fire, and environmentally resilient
  • It should feature a combination, key, time lock, or electric lock

Finding a safe that works and using it is simple and effective for keeping your prized possessions safe, but what happens when you lose access to your safe?

Mechanical & Electronic Safes in Torremolinos Are Great, Except When They Aren’t

Both types of safes are effective in their own ways and perform their job masterfully.

Mechanical locks require dialing to the right and left multiple times with a specific number code to open them. Most mechanical locks will last years with no problems as long as they are serviced every 2-3 years.

Basic electronic locks usually come with a single or two access codes that are entered for easy access. If the dial or electronic components fail, problems entering the safe could be difficult.

Call us when you need help opening your safe or changing out safe hardware.

Whether you need a locksmith to help you gain access to your safe or help you upgrade your existing hardware, someone at Torremolinos Locksmith always available to help. Contact us at 677 421 426 for services today!